Recent and ongoing main projects under the scope of CreativeLab and CFD programs

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Applying Computational Fluid Dynamics to sports research: a hydrodynamic analysis. POCTI-FCT (92.000,00 €).

Assessment of the swimming economy: validity and associated mechanical determinants. FCT (POCI/DES/58362/2004). (2004-2008 funding 34.496, 00 €).

Bioenergetic study metodologies. Foundation Calouste Gulbenkian (57.890,00 €).

Brazilian Preolimpic Triathlon Team Psychological Skills Training. DESMOR/ Brazilian National Triathlon Confederation. 2011-2011 (8.500 €).
Computational fluid dynamics: an analytical tool for the 21
st century swimming research FCT (POCI/DES/58872/2004). (2004-2008 funding 38.521, 00 €).

Development of expertise in young Basketball players. Eur Univ of Madrid (6.000,00 €).

Electromyography and kinematic characterisation and evaluation of the karate front kick mae-geri. Comparison between regular black belt karate athletes, Portuguese karate team, older karate athletes and non karate athletes. FNK-P and AKDS. (250 €).

Energy cost in swimming: characterisation and relationship with other relevant bioenergetical and biomechanical performance determinants. POCTI-FCT (126.000,00 €).

Estimation of the swimming propelling ability. Hungarian Academy of Sciences (2008-2010 funding 42.000, 00 €).

Evaluating training and competition in team sports. Aggregating tactical analysis, external and internal workload. PTDC/DES/098693 (95.000,00 €).

Match analysis in Volleyball (Spanish Sicence and Inovation Ministery, DEP2010-09925-E, 2011-2013 106.000 €).

Modeling competition in team sports. Spanish Science and Inovation Ministery. DEP2011-23338. 2011-2013 (84.095 €).

Observing interaction in sport and physical activity: technical and methodological advances in qualitative-quantitative computerized records. Ministry of Research, Development and Innovation of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. DEP2012-32124. 2012-2015 (52.000 €).

Strength variables that can predict sports performance. University of Beira Interior. 2010-2012 (20.000 €).

Study of the stretch-shortening cycle: determination of the neuromuscular and biomechanical variables in countermovement jumps. Maieutica Higher Education Company. (2008-2010 funding 37.000, 00 €).

Technological and methodological advances in the automatization of observational studies in sport. MCI-Spain PSI2008-01179 (52.000,00 €).

Testing several types of sports boats. I&DT, M.A.R. Kayaks. Entity number 4608 Edictal number 17/2008 – SI I&DT (32.250,00 €).

Water Tree/CIDESD – FCT SI I&DT 06/SI/2009 (30.000,00 €).

Recent and ongoing main projects under the scope of GERON and STRONG


Parental rearing style, school performance, sports and general health in adolescents in school living in the city of Montes Claros. Federal Government of Brazil (Parliamentary amendment worth $ 150 000.00).

Monitoring health indicators in children and adolescents: Impact of health education. FCT - PTDC/CPE-CED/103313. 2008-2011.140.000€
Support System for Elderly in the Family in Rural Areas, project submitted to POCTEP “Active children, grow healthy”, Municipality of Vila Real, 2007-2011, 1500 Euros.

Exercise program application in hemodiayzed patient. Alto Comissariado da Saúde. Montante | 148.000€.